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A yearly wellness visit with our doctors is important to help your pet live a long, healthy life. Your pet ages at a faster rate than we do and changes in their health can happen quickly.  Common problems like dental disease, heart conditions, and skin problems can be detected during these visits. Preventative measures including vaccinations, common disease screening tests, and parasite prevention are extremely important to decrease the chance of your pet developing diseases.



If your pet is sick or injured, we may recommend diagnostic tests to determine the source or extent of the problem.  Services offered within our hospital allow us to provide test results while you wait with your pet, minimizing waiting time when your pet is sick.  These services include radiology (X-rays), bloodwork, ultrasound, endoscopy, urine testing, and cytology.  

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We offer routine and emergency surgery at our hospital. Once your pet reaches adolescence, we recommend they undergo a spay or neuter to reduce their risk of some types of diseases and cancers.  Other procedures may be offered based on your pet's needs. We understand that surgery can be stressful for you and your pet and we offer advanced anesthetic monitoring to ensure their safety. We also take pride in offering emergency service at our hospital. It is rare that we will refer you to another hospital for surgery and our goal is to provide all services in house.

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Studies show that 80% of dogs over 3 years of age have some form of periodontal disease.  Treating dental disease when problems begin to arise can prevent gum and tooth loss, infections, and dental pain.  Although we may see evidence of periodontal disease during a physical exam, general anesthesia is needed to fully evaluate your pet's mouth and perform dental scaling, polishing, x-rays, and extractions if needed. 

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We offer endoscopy as an advanced diagnostic and treatment tool.  Our endoscope is useful as an alternative to surgery in some cases when a pet has ingested foreign material or to evaluate the stomach.  It can also be used to get a good look at the throat, inside the ears, and is the only way we can see inside the gutteral pouches of horses.  



As pets age, long term health and mobility problems become common. We can help manage osteoarthritis, dietary requirements, and chronic internal organ problems among many other age-related changes your pet may face.  We also offer end of life services including hospice, at home euthanasia, and cremation.  

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